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Acne Bootcamp

Acne Bootcamp Program Offered at Lynette D. Jones

Acne bootcamp is just what your skin needs. Talk to our team in Toledo, OH at Lynette D. Jones Tailored Skincare Solutions about how our bootcamp will make you a winner in the skincare game. Call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Acne Bootcamp Program Offered at Lynette D. Jones in Toledo, OH
Acne Bootcamp Program Offered at Lynette D. Jones in Toledo, OH

What Is Acne Bootcamp?

The term “bootcamp” brings visions of a military-style, intensive and rigorous training camp for new recruits. The term “bootcamp” also brings visions of would-be athletes with a focus on learning the fastest, and the most effective way to win on the battlefield, or on the playing field, leading a team to victory.

Well in the skincare game, the fight is against acne. The playing field is the faces of over 50 million American women who have struggled with painful and embarrassing acne. That’s right, scores of women have tried countless over-the-counter products or prescription medications in an attempt to try and win the acne battle, yet only to find the breakouts still occurring.

The goal of the Acne Bootcamp is to provide you with the proper training, while applying the most effective, in-office, or at-home treatments, and the professional guidance to create a skincare routine specifically for you.

Our Bootcamp will help you claim victory over acne.

How Long Before Acne Goes Away?

Generally, acne breakouts can take up to six weeks to go away, though smaller pimples may take only a few days to disappear.

With most people, acne tends to be more prevalent in our adolescent years, and eventually ends on its own as we get older; however, many people still struggle with acne well into adulthood.

Even though there is not an actual cure for acne, the good news is that almost all acne can be successfully treated.

Some of those who begin an acne bootcamp will see an improvement in skin tone, and a reduction of acne breakouts within the first month. However, for most it commonly takes six full treatment sessions over the course of three to four months to see at least 90% success. The reason for this is that it generally takes 30 to 90 days for existing acne impactions to appear on the skin surface.

What Do the Treatments Do?

Acne Bootcamp treatments with the skincare specialists at Lynette D. Jones boasts a 90% success rate in healing hyperpigmentation, and frustrating acne breakouts, and this is accomplished without the use of harsh products or chemicals. Instead, results are achieved through helping you create a plan that will help you to adjust and improve habits, lifestyle, and skincare routines, along with an effective treatment plan.

Receiving support and guidance from a coach with years of training and expertise in the field of skincare, a proven track record of success, and one who genuinely cares about your skin as much as you do, is crucial to getting to the root cause of your skin condition.

The Acne Bootcamp can be taken in-person or virtually to suit your needs and schedule. At the bootcamp you will receive:

  • 6 highly effective acne treatments
  • A full, crafted skin care regime
  • A face-soothing ice mask
  • A comprehensive boot camp guide
  • Bonus: An acne boot camp t-shirt!

How Long Does the Acne Bootcamp Take?

In less than three months you will not only learn how to heal, and clear-up your current acne, but also learn how to make effective changes to your skincare regime, lifestyle, and habits, along with bi-weekly treatments. In just 90 days, your Acne Bootcamp experience will result in clear, healthy, and vibrant skin.

Why Should I Do This Bootcamp?

Our team of highly trained and experienced skin care specialists at Lynette D. Jones Tailored Skincare Solutions specialize in acne treatments. We take your healthcare and your skincare seriously. We also take deep pride in providing our clients with the relief, self-confidence, and pure happiness that goes hand-in-hand with clear and beautiful skin. To request a consultation appointment, send us a text, call our office, or visit our website for more information and directions. We serve patients from Toledo OH, Ottawa Hills OH, Rossford OH, Holland OH, and Shoreland OH.