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Clear Complexions Acne Program Questions and Answers

Lynette D. Jones Tailored Skincare Solutions and our team of professionals offer a Clear Complexions Acne Program in Toledo, OH that will boost your looks and confidence. Call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Clear Complexions Acne Program Near Me in Toledo, OH
Clear Complexions Acne Program Near Me in Toledo, OH

What are Clear Complexion Acne Programs?

Lynette D. Jones Tailored Skincare Solutions offers a Clear Complexions Acne Program that is designed to help eliminate current acne and prevent future breakouts. This is accomplished by minimizing excess surface oil, unclogging, and purifying pores, and reducing the appearance of irritated skin.

The Clear Complexions Acne Program at Lynette D. Jones can have acne under control in 3 to 4 months without the use of prescription medications. Even the most challenging cases of acne can be successfully treated by combining the power of premium products with a comprehensive treatment protocol.

Using the right products is very important. But learning to use them properly and developing an at-home-routine is crucial to the successful treatment of acne breakouts. Bi-weekly appointments with a skincare professional at Lynette D. Jones can help adjust your skincare regime and will help ensure that your skin stays receptive to the acne-fighting products, without causing dehydration or skin irritation.

Acne can occur at any age and can affect all skin types and colors. Unlike most skincare solutions, the Lynette D. Jones Acne Program is not “one size fits all,” and each patient receives specialized treatment depending on their specific skincare needs. The Clear Complexion Acne Program also takes diet and lifestyle habits into consideration when devising a personalized program.

The Clear Complexions Acne Program offers several treatment options that are designed to treat the root cause of acne, which is beneath the skin surface.

By combining customized home-care products with professional acne treatments selected for your skin type and type of acne, along with education and the proper tools, you will not only have clearer skin, but you will also know how to keep it clear.

The Clear Complexions Acne Program commonly requires bi-weekly treatments for 3 to 4 months.

Who Should Get these Programs?

Acne can affect all skin types and skin colors, and can affect people of any age, and can be mild or severe.

Many at-home methods of treatment can be useful for mild cases of acne, however some of the at-home methods can cause serious reactions. It is recommended that more severe cases are best treated by a knowledgeable and professional aesthetician.

Acne breakouts can be upsetting and can prevent people from taking part in social activities with friends. The social and emotional impact that severe acne has on a person can be debilitating, and The Clear Complexions Acne Program at Lynette D. Jones will address those issues, and help a patient develop a skincare routine to help prevent future outbreaks and feel better about themselves and their appearance.

What are the Benefits of these Programs?

Clean and attractive skin isn’t the only benefit to the Clear Complexions Acne Program, as the skin also provides a protective barrier, keeping the rest of the body healthy.

The skin is the first line of defense against bacteria, and strong and healthy skin can help prevent infections. Healthy skin also feels more comfortable, as unclean skin can lead to uncomfortable acne, rashes and sores. The Clear Complexions Acne Program also improves skin hydration, which helps to keep the skin looking clean, healthy and attractive. The Clear Complexions Acne Program is designed to eliminate excess oil, unclog pores, and eliminate future outbreaks, providing a person with greater self-confidence and an overall healthier appearance and well-being.

The Clear Complexions Acne Program at Lynette D. Jones Tailored Skincare Solutions will give you the skin you’ve been wanting, as well as the ongoing coaching and support needed to keep your skin looking and feeling clean, smooth, and healthy.

If you have acne and can benefit from a professional acne consultation, then it’s time to call in an Acne Specialist who will take your unique skin into account, and have your acne under control in approximately 60 to 90 days. We will combine the power of customized home-care products, with a series of professional acne treatments to reduce your acne and work with you every step of the way.

Our Clear Complexions Acne Program has a 90% success rate of treating acne, and we do it without prescriptions or products with dangerous side effects. In working with hundreds of acne sufferers, we have learned the fine art of knowing exactly what products to use on your type of skin and your type of acne and we will provide you with the education and tools to get your skin clear, and keep it clear!

Our system works by taking into account:

  • Your skin type
  • Your acne type
  • Your skin condition
  • How fast your skin adapts to products
  • Lifestyle considerations that could be affecting your skin.

To arrange your consultation, call and speak with one of our friendly and professional staff members. You can also visit our website for more information, or for directions to Lynette D. Jones in Toledo, OH. We serve patients from Toledo OH, Ottawa Hills OH, Rossford OH, Holland OH, and Shoreland OH.