Home Care for Skin

Skin Care Regime at Home in Toledo, OH

At Lynette D. Jones Esthetics, skin care professional can offer you customized suggestions of home care products that are superior to over-the-counter products and that are designed for the unique and evolving needs of your skin, health, and lifestyle. Call us today for more information.

Skin Care Regime at Home in Toledo, OH
Skin Care Regime at Home in Toledo, OH

An Excellent Investment

In today’s rapidly growing beauty world, an estimated 40,000-plus cosmetic and skin care products in the United States are competing for your attention and dollars. You can buy most of these from your local department store, drugstore, or on the Internet. The choices are truly overwhelming. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to sort out all of this information to find the best products for your skin. Your skin care professional can offer you customized suggestions of home care products that are superior to over-the-counter products and that are designed for the unique and evolving needs of your skin, health, and lifestyle.

Every dollar you invest in skin care treatments with your esthetician works harder for you when you support it with the highly specialized professional products he or she offers. Your esthetician is a skilled professional with significant knowledge that helps determine what’s best for your skin. Forty-nine of 50 states require hundreds of hours of training and passage of an exam to gain an esthetics license. (Connecticut does not license skin care professionals.) Nearly three-quarters of estheticians in the United States have received 600 or more hours of training.

Analysis is Key

A major advantage to getting professional advice is that your visit includes a thorough skin analysis before treatment. As well as closely studying your skin, often using special analytic equipment, your esthetician will take a detailed health history from you, asking about skin conditions you have or had, any medications you are taking, and allergies you have. All of this is factored into your treatment. None of this is available when you buy something from a clerk in a retail setting who may be unskilled and disinterested, or when you order from a completely impersonal website. When it comes to your skin, one size truly does not fit all.

Because professional products are available to you from a licensed esthetician, the law allows higher concentrations of active ingredients in these products. This means you are getting more effective formulations that will likely result in better and faster results. This makes your investment in products and your home care regimen all the more valuable.

The proper home care regimen enhances and maintains the results from your treatments and prepares your skin for further care. It will greatly increase the effectiveness of certain procedures only a professional can provide, such as chemical exfoliation and microdermabrasion. With an esthetician’s care, you have the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you might have about your skin. Your routine and products could very well change over time, and only expert care can determine this. (Common causes for reevaluation include the change of seasons or a move to a different climate; changes in your health; and hormonal changes.)

The Labeling Game

If you look at labels on over-the-counter skin care products, you’ll soon realize that it is impossible to understand ingredients without special knowledge. While many products are subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation, the main purpose of this regulation is to ensure minimal safety standards, not to validate product claims or promises. While they may have ingredients that are generally useful for various skin problems, it’s unlikely they’ll have active ingredients that are concentrated enough to make these products effective. It truly is buyer beware when it comes to sorting through product claims and promises. There is little to no accountability for these manufacturers.

To capture your business, manufacturers spend vast sums of money on marketing and advertising to distinguish each given product from the other 39,999 offerings vying for your purchasing loyalty. They are counting on huge numbers of “tryers and buyers” to offset their marketing investment, rather than directly targeting just those consumers who might be a good fit for their products. The cost of this advertising and marketing is built into the cost of the products and, as one observer points out, the packaging may actually cost more to produce than the product itself. Why rely on the trial-and-error, one-size-fits-all approach? Just as you wouldn’t wear someone else’s eyeglasses, you shouldn’t use someone else’s skin care regimen.

On the other hand, your skin care professional is interested in a long-term relationship with you that is based in trust and that depends on your continued satisfaction over time. He or she invested substantially in esthetician training and most likely entered the field with a career in mind rather than just a job.

Think Value

While professional skin care products and services may seem more expensive at first, they offer a better value for a few reasons. You will likely need less product per application since the active ingredients are more concentrated. You will achieve better results and gain more from your esthetician visits if you maintain the correct home care regimen. And, you’ll have the confidence in knowing your products have been chosen specifically for your skin, health, and lifestyle by someone with skill and knowledge.

Your skin care treatments should be provided by a properly trained professional. Don’t hesitate to ask your skin care therapist about his or her background, training, and experience– especially as it relates to the treatment you are considering. As a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), your skin care professional has comprehensive details on changing trends and treatments at his or her fingertips, so you’ll be receiving the most current information and care.